Weekly roundup June 22 – 28


As we sit with six new streetcars instead of 50, one must wonder why Bombardier’s bottom line is anything the TTC should care about National Post

Exit Interview: MP James Rajotte on leaving the Hill after 15 years *Maclean’s

Everyone in Buenos Aires Is Communicating by Voice Memo Now Motherboard

The Queen’s Printers and Open Data UPEI Robertson Library Hacker in Residence



Weekly roundup June 15 – 21


Thinking inside the box: fallacies of condo investment WealthSimple

Lost Decade: a mega-trial over alleged bid-rigging should never have happened Ottawa Citizen
^ If you get through that here are the outcomes: one and two.

You’re welcome: Scott Feschuk reviews summer beers Maclean’s

Ranked Ballots: Yay. Proportional representation: Nay National Post



Weekly roundup June 8 – 14


Make Senate reform an election issue National Post

Thomson Park > Trinity Bellwoods The Ethnic Aisle

Detroit Institute of Arts: Rivals and accomplices The Economist

Another Chris Alexander Heritage Minute Maclean’s


Weekly roundup June 1 – 7


Ontario municipalities get alternative to ‘first past the post’ in next election National Post

Jacques Parizeau: the sovereignty movement’s poet Maclean’s

Sorry Bell, accessing U.S. Netflix is not theft Toronto Star


Weekly roundup May 25 – 31


Storify of DC Water and DC Public library tweet-off

The forgotten story of … the Barons, Cleveland’s ill-fated NHL team The Guardian

Rookie Calgary MLA is an early victim of the Canadian human search engine National Post

The Skin I’m In: I’ve been interrogated by police more than 50 times—all because I’m black Toronto Life

Rachel Notley’s slimmed-down cabinet a remarkably subversive creation National Post


Weekly roundup May 18 – 24


Rethinking ravines: A plan for Toronto’s hidden backyard Yonge Street

NDP comes out strong for two-tier mail delivery National Post

It Is, in Fact, Rocket Science The New York Times

Harry Truman’s Extreme Home Makeover The New York Times


Weekly roundup May 11 – 17


Quit Saying ‘I’m Just Not a Math Person’ Wired

A reminder that math is useful

Why the Orange Revolution is not about Rachel Notley Maclean’s

Brazil’s World Cup Legacy Includes $550M Stadium-Turned-Parking Lot NPR Parallels

After 30 years and billions in savings, Ottawa killed the tax trade The Globe and Mail