Trampoline Hall

Last night, a colleague and I went to see Trampoline Hall (both for the first time). It was a really fun show and I learned some things about Indigenous Humour, the Literal Void and why good ideas don’t get implemented.

My favourite lecture of the evening was Audrey Dwyer speaking about the Literal Void. This was the lecture title that meant the least to me going into the evening, but it resonated the most. Her descriptions of the void, all the aspects of void-ness and the ways of seeing voids all around were wonderful. The questions generated and Audrey’s answers were also great.

Max FineDay talking about Resilience and Indigenous Humour was enlightening and a reminder of the history that is around us related to our relationship with indigenous groups over time. He spoke about his first memory of racism and how humour is a coping mechanism to keep going.

Lewis Poplak spoke about why good ideas don’t get implements and specifically a case study of commuting to work on bicycle. He taught me that the first “bike” (more a balance bike style) was invented 200 years ago.

If you are in Toronto the night that Trampoline Hall is happening, I would recommend that you find yourself in the audience and you will certainly learn something. If you don’t think you’ll learn something at very least you will get to laugh, but I’m pretty sure even you will learn something.

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2017 Bike Ride 14

The goal of today’s ride was to eat Adamson Barbecue and it was a success. The brisket and turkey were delicious and so were the sides of corn bread and coleslaw.

After the meal, I continued east and went down Don Mills to the valley where I tried a couple trails before going up Rosedale Valley road back home.

Total trip distance: 23 km

2017 Ride 14

2017 Bike Ride 13

A ride out to Sunnyside Beach/Hungary Park to eat lunch and read on a bench looking out over the lake. Then a casual ride back across the central waterfront.

Total trip distance: 23.9 km.

2017 Ride 14

2017 Bike Ride 12

I haven’t posted several commuting/errand rides and am trying to figure out a good way to display all my rides without individual posts for every day.

Today’s ride took me to The Beaches and while I have ridden there many times, I have not ridden there since the City’s bike app came out. The lake is still high, but the beach in the east seems larger than over by the Humber. I stopped for lunch at Aft Kitchen & Bar and it was delicious.

Total trip distance: 18.1 km.

2017 Ride 12

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2017 Bike Ride 11

Today’s ride was also two rides. First, I went along Dupont/Annette the looped back down Dudas West and College. I had lunch and a visit with family before heading back up toward home.

Total trip distance: 21.4 km.

2017 Ride 11