Weekly roundup February 16 – 22


For Cleaner Water, Just Add Beer Citylab

How you say ‘Calgary’ says a lot The Globe and Mail

Authenticity, anti-vaxxers, and the rise of neoprimitivism Ottawa Citizen

Why Sun News Never Had a Fighting Chance The Walrus

Mr. Gym Teacher and the whistle (or how I aced sex ed) The Globe and Mail


Weekly roundup February 9 – 15


A more diversified, less prosperous economy National Post

Downtown Victoria parking habits nudged in new directions Times Colonist

Canada’s dormant legislatures: Nice work if you can avoid it National Post

Exploring Toronto in winter can be good for the soul Toronto Star

Is Jeb Bush a Republican Obama? The Atlantic


Weekly roundup February 2 – 8


If It Happened There: Traditional Beliefs and Distrust of Authority Fueling Disease Outbreak Slate

The Arcade: Episode 47, Featuring Jim Gaffigan The Arcade
^really, it is a podcast but it is great.

[Mike Moffatt’s] Take on the Proposed Economist Party Platform Reflections on Southwestern Ontario


Weekly roundup January 26 – February 1


Those opposed to TWU Law are being awfully picky about which civil rights they believe in National Post

Toronto’s villages should embrace their urban reality Toronto Star

Doctors and provinces: End your Cold War over billing The Globe and Mail

Not too late to really talk transit in Scarborough Toronto Star

Tory needs to use new traffic data to fight congestion Spacing


Weekly roundup January 19 – 25


Authoritarian Leaders and Agenda Setting Pedestrian Observations

Why I Will Vote ‘No’ in the UBC Endowment Referendum

The heretical lesson behind the latest RCMP shooting: jail doesn’t work National Post


Weekly roundup January 12 – 18


In praise of our underrated food courts Toronto Star

The Warthog Lives! The Weekly Standard

Renaming the Lady Byng after Jean Béliveau would miss the point Maclean’s


Weekly roundup January 5 – 11


Netflix cracks down (cough, cough) The Globe and Mail

Western Standard — What were we thinking? Western Standard
^ From 2006 when the Western Standard printed the Danish cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.

Cellphones Do Not Give You Brain Cancer FiveThirtyEight

The CBC offers winter tips to Canadians who haven’t figured out how to wear a coat yet National Post

The Beer Store can’t stop treating us with contempt Ottawa Citizen