Weekly roundup August 7 - 13


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2017 Bike Ride 8

Yesterday, the not too hot weather made me take a ride out to the airport administration building (SE corner of the airport). I took the shortest bike path route to get there and that was 19.1 km. Then I took a longer route along Eglinton and through the Cedarvale Ravine to get home, which was 19.7 km. The bike path along Eglinton from Scarlett Road westward was really nice and not very busy. My only complaint is the uneven curb ramps at the intersections.

Total trip distance: 38.8 km.

2017 Ride 8

Weekly roundup July 31 - August 6


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2017 Bike Ride 7

Today, my ride was a bit shorter and more looping (21.7 km). There was a visit with my grandma along the way.

2017 Ride 7

Weekly roundup July 24-30


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2017 Bike Ride 6

Today, we pushed north past Lawrence and tried a couple park pathways. The ride was 22.7 km and featured Ontario blueberry gelato and apricot gelato soft serve from Bar Ape.

2017 Ride 6

Weekly roundup July 17-23


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