Weekly roundup November 16 – 22


To My Friends With ‘Funny’ Names The Aerogram

Why Futurism Has a Cultural Blindspot Nautilus


Weekly roundup November 9 – 15


The Myth of Basic Science The Wall Street Journal

The Sound of Rain The Awl

There’s more to evidence-based policymaking than fixing the census National Post

Why New York Subway Lines Are Missing Countdown Clocks The Atlantic


Weekly roundup November 2 – 8


An absurd solution to a non-compliant basketball net National Post

Rise in women returning to domestic work a sign of tough economic times in Brazil The Globe and Mail

You have no idea how badass Trudeau’s Defence Minister really is National Observer

Here’s an idea for Bombardier: Let it fail Maclean’s


Weekly roundup October 26 – November 1


On union payoffs, as usual, Ontario Liberals miss the point National Post

Alex Anthopoulos’ split with Toronto Blue Jays a tough pill to swallow, but he’s not irreplaceable National Post

What it takes to grow Canada’s national nest egg Macleans’s

Bombardier Inc is a symbol Canada can’t keep bailing out Financial Post



^ Not sure why I like this one so much.

Weekly roundup October 19 – 25


A new refugee story, but a sadly familiar tale The Globe and Mail

Blue Jays lose a hard-fought battle, end a heck of a season Toronto Star

Note to world: Please stop ogling our new prime minister The Globe and Mail

The loneliness of a losing candidate Maclean’s


Weekly roundup October 12 – 18


@Baseball The Walrus

A cheating public employee is caught in the act, and Brazil can’t stop watching The Washington Post

Blue Kid on the Block The Walrus

But What Did the Daughter Think? Medium


Weekly roundup October 5 – 11


Why the TPP is such a big—and good—deal for Canada Maclean’s

What has become of our Bill Murray pope? The Globe and Mail

Dear Queen’s Park, please ignore Toronto City Council’s ludicrous request to remove its right to think National Post

Unhealthy Fixation Slate

The Tightrope that Public Officials Have to Walk