Weekly roundup October 20 – 26


How private is your VPN security tool? Check the terms The Globe and Mail

Full Pundit: Black day in October National Post

An easy way to make Parliament Hill safer National Post

Lessons for Toronto from Nenshi Nation Spacing


Weekly roundup October 13 – 19


Librarians won’t stay quiet about government surveillance The Washington Post

Jean Tirole’s Nobel Prize Is Also a Win for Modern Microeconomic Theory The New York Times

Walking the thin blue line: How stigma is silencing police officers Ottawa Citizen

CRA has been charitable Financial Post

John Tory’s TIF transit plan offers no free ride Toronto Star

Revisiting Robin Hood’s agenda: Be less concerned about taking from the rich and focus on giving to the poor Worthwhile Canadian Initiative


Weekly roundup October 6 – 12


Cities must crack down on the scourge of convenient, efficient taxi service National Post

The Horror of a ‘Secure Golden Key’ The Keybase blog

The Gummi Bear Chronicles The New York Times


Weekly roundup September 29 – October 5


The Sacred Circle of Catering Wondermark (A comic strip)

Peter Van Loan takes a stand against the notion of relevancy Maclean’s

At CIA Starbucks, even the baristas are covert The Washington Post

Ottawa microbrewery says liquor laws to force Hintonburg store closure CBC

Time for a refresher on the powers of Parliament Ottawa Citizen


Weekly roundup September 22 – 28

I spent most of this past week in Las Vegas at the Future Travel Experience conference, which was pretty good. Lots of interesting ideas about passenger experience and improvements to the various processes (especially interesting things coming out of USCBP).


50 years of Moog, the analog synth that still beats 1s and 0s ars technica

Social media for the media social club: the slightly bizarre, happy story of #goldsbiephone Toronto Life (RIP #goldsbiephone after 3 1/2 years)


Weekly roundup September 15 – 21


Just because McGuinty hasn’t broken laws by lobbying does not make it right in any way National Post

Liberals dealing from Tory deck on gaming policy Toronto Star

Nation-Building As An Act of Violence Hazlitt

For Scots, achieving independence would have been the easy part The Globe and Mail


Weekly roundup September 8 – 14


Motorists have ruined England – and they need to pay the price The Telegraph

Canada, get over yourself and enjoy this moment Ottawa Citizen

Why Doug Ford can’t win Maclean’s