Weekly roundup May 11 – 17


Quit Saying ‘I’m Just Not a Math Person’ Wired

A reminder that math is useful

Why the Orange Revolution is not about Rachel Notley Maclean’s

Brazil’s World Cup Legacy Includes $550M Stadium-Turned-Parking Lot NPR Parallels

After 30 years and billions in savings, Ottawa killed the tax trade The Globe and Mail


Weekly roundup May 4 – 10


Libraries are not Workhouses ruk.ca

The Knowledge, London’s Legendary Taxi-Driver Test, Puts Up a Fight in the Age of GPS T Magazine


May 9, 2015 Bike Ride

9May2015 Bike

Today, I rode 33 km. The breeze was great down at the lake.

Weekly roundup April 27 – May 3


Does the cream always rise to the top? An argument against an idiom Maclean’s

The Most Important Organization That You Have Never Heard About

The Problem With Satisfied Patients The Atlantic

Let’s Talk About Pay Model View Culture


Weekly roundup April 20 – 26


The Stable Marriage Problem and School Choice American Mathematical Society

How Not To Go To Graduate School The Authenticity Hoax

Police ‘carding’ policy has made this column a sham Toronto Star



^via D’Arcy Norman

Weekly roundup April 13 – 19


D.C. food trucks look to new platform to swap spaces assigned in lottery Washington Business Journal

The Pursuit of Beauty The New Yorker

Ontario’s new beer strategy has already gone skunky The Globe and Mail

My Fatty, Crispy Love Affair with Fried Rice Munchies


Weekly roundup April 6 – 12


A Baseball Story

A Luxury Liner Docks, and the Countdown’s On The New York Times

Craft beer: where does Alberta stand? Vue Weekly

Dear Neighbour, here’s to authenticity in Cabbagetown Toronto Star
^ further details about Lamb’s Glue and Stove Blacking Factory from the Don Valley Historical Mapping Project