2018 Bike Ride 04

My sister is in town today so we took out an extra bike from my shed to ride around town. We went down to Cherry Beach, had lunch at C’est What and visited our grandma.

Total trip distance: 19 km

2018 Ride 04

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2018 Bike Ride 03

I tuned up my bike today because last time it was squeaky and a bit of a drag to ride. After that, I went to TCAF and out to Left Field for more cans of sour beer (Squeezeplay Plum).

Total trip distance: 14.1 km

2018 Ride 03

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2018 Bike Ride 02

Today’s ride was another beer run, but this time out to Bellwoods. It was raining and I foolishly didn’t put on my rain pants so I returned home with soaked jeans. I also stopped by P.G. Clucks for my first amazing fried chicken sandwich and I will be back there for sure.

Total trip distance: 13.8 km

2018 Ride 02

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