Weekly roundup August 28 - September 3


When is it heritage and when is it hiding from the city’s evolution and growth? Toronto Star

The Handmaid’s Fail: Margaret Atwood has bad housing policy ideas, like everyone else in Ontario tvo.org

‘This is crazy,’ sobs Utah hospital nurse as cop roughs her up, arrests her for doing her job The Washington Post


2017 Bike Ride 10

Today’s ride was really two rides. The morning ride took me through Rosedale and Cabbagetown. After a pit stop for lunch at home, I went down to see the airshow then continued along the waterfront until Kipling. Then I went up to the subway, took the train shortcut back toward home.

Total trip distance: 42.6 km.

2017 Ride 10

Weekly roundup August 21 - 27


Spanish Thrives in the U.S. Despite an English-Only Drive The New York Times

Astonishing nonsense from the Liberals amid surge of asylum-seekers National Post

What do doctors really have to fear from the feds’ tax crackdown? Maclean’s


Weekly roundup August 14 - 20


BuzzFeed News Trained A Computer To Search For Hidden Spy Planes. This Is What We Found. BuzzFeed

Dear Metrolinx: The Problem Is Not Your Communication Strategy or Your Branding Torontoist

London’s New Subway Symbolized the Future. Then Came Brexit. The New York Times

Quelles langues parle-t-on dans votre quartier? (What Languages are Spoken in Your Neighbourhood?) Le Devoir


2017 Bike Ride 9

Today’s ride was at a more leisurely pace than usual. It took me to Regent Park, Cabbagetown, Corktown Common and Withrow Park.

Total trip distance: 30 km.

2017 Ride 9

Weekly roundup August 7 - 13


A Tangled Web The Hardball Times

The important questions: Should you ever use a knife and fork to eat a slice of pizza? National Post

In Brazil’s crooked political game, is anybody playing fair? A search for an honest political player The Globe and Mail


2017 Bike Ride 8

Yesterday, the not too hot weather made me take a ride out to the airport administration building (SE corner of the airport). I took the shortest bike path route to get there and that was 19.1 km. Then I took a longer route along Eglinton and through the Cedarvale Ravine to get home, which was 19.7 km. The bike path along Eglinton from Scarlett Road westward was really nice and not very busy. My only complaint is the uneven curb ramps at the intersections.

Total trip distance: 38.8 km.

2017 Ride 8