2017 Bike Ride 14

The goal of today’s ride was to eat Adamson Barbecue and it was a success. The brisket and turkey were delicious and so were the sides of corn bread and coleslaw.

After the meal, I continued east and went down Don Mills to the valley where I tried a couple trails before going up Rosedale Valley road back home.

Total trip distance: 23 km

2017 Ride 14

2017 Bike Ride 13

A ride out to Sunnyside Beach/Hungary Park to eat lunch and read on a bench looking out over the lake. Then a casual ride back across the central waterfront.

Total trip distance: 23.9 km.

2017 Ride 14

2017 Bike Ride 12

I haven’t posted several commuting/errand rides and am trying to figure out a good way to display all my rides without individual posts for every day.

Today’s ride took me to The Beaches and while I have ridden there many times, I have not ridden there since the City’s bike app came out. The lake is still high, but the beach in the east seems larger than over by the Humber. I stopped for lunch at Aft Kitchen & Bar and it was delicious.

Total trip distance: 18.1 km.

2017 Ride 12

Weekly roundup September 4-10


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2017 Bike Ride 11

Today’s ride was also two rides. First, I went along Dupont/Annette the looped back down Dudas West and College. I had lunch and a visit with family before heading back up toward home.

Total trip distance: 21.4 km.

2017 Ride 11

Weekly roundup August 28 - September 3


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2017 Bike Ride 10

Today’s ride was really two rides. The morning ride took me through Rosedale and Cabbagetown. After a pit stop for lunch at home, I went down to see the airshow then continued along the waterfront until Kipling. Then I went up to the subway, took the train shortcut back toward home.

Total trip distance: 42.6 km.

2017 Ride 10