Ok so my adventure from yesterday... Heather and I went down to the Muttart Conservatory. Where I took about 25 pictures about 12 of those were little birds... Little birds are quite an uncooperative subject... They don't listen to requests to keep a pose or to turn around. They also get distracted very easily by little children running around... Darn little kids ruining my pictures...

Why is it that children must run around and yell/scream... Why can't they do one or the other... I suppose children compound what they can do... First they scream, then later once they are able they add running to that... Then later still they change from screaming randomly to screaming insults and such... Oh kids how I love thee.

After the Muttart, we headed back to downtown (even though the muttart is on the south side of the river, where I live, the only way to get there by bus is to get downtown then catch another bus back to this side of the river.) Our quest was to find a Harvey's, which eventually we did. However, we didn't find Harvey's until after we had eaten at the less good McDonalds. This quest was a long one and we almost gave up on finding anything other than Subway, when I realized that I knew where we were and that Oliver Square was just 3 blocks North. So to Oliver Square we went, ate, and I bought some nice sunglasses at London Drugs for $10.

Then we made our way back towards the more central downtown so we could catch the bus to my house. On they way going to CompuSmart, which by the way is one of the nicest and most helpful computer stores I have ever been to, FutureShop, and Mother's Music. Eventually we found our bus and got to my house where we vowed never to walk again... But promptly broke this vow and went to Mohawk before the Lacrosse game started on the TV. (Which by the way Calgary won.)

Over the course of the day I read my book aloud to Heather... Though at parts it is hard since it is so funny.

[end scene]

Today, I went to Lister and a bunch of us played Cranium, needless to say my team won. I was disappointed that I didn't get to Cameo "Speed Skating" but I will get over it. I imagine some SNL will be watched before getting any sleep... The Donald is the host tonight and that should be fun. [end scene]

Song: Not listening to anything but if I had music on I would be listening to I don't really know something upbeat.

State: Not too shabby one might even say ship shape

Book: In a Sunburned Country - Bill Bryson