Weekly roundup May 16 – 22


The Benefits of Eating Without a Map Serious Eats

What words look like matters — in some cases, a whole lot. ProPublica

When in doubt, just send cash National Post

Food in hospitals and prisons is terrible – but it doesn’t have to be that way The Globe and Mail


Weekly roundup May 9 – 15


The social costs of expecting cuisines to be ‘cheap’ TVO

Review: Kamal Al-Solaylee’s Brown is essential reading for understanding the non-white world The Globe and Mail

Non-citizen voting in local elections is long overdue Toronto Star

Where a ’90s tourist guide will take you in Edmonton, Alberta Medium


Weekly roundup May 2 – 8


I have been on vacation at a resort in Mexico this week and while I probably read many things they will appear at a later date.

Weekly roundup April 25 – May 1


Three Ways to Disappear The Walrus

Richard Florida Should Replace The Term ‘Creative Class’ With ‘Country Club’ Market Urbanism

Cuba’s Hershey Train: the last interurban railway Marshall’s Musings


Weekly roundup April 18 – 24


The secret life of a trainee brain surgeon: it’s all about the drilling The Guardian

At Scaramouche, sophisticated dining comes from a civilized workplace Toronto Star

Confront your sexism National Post


Weekly roundup April 11 – 17


Yes, all lives matter, but if black activists get their way, we will all be better off National Post

The Benefits and the No Buenos of Multilingualism NTEN

My 2-Days At The R Unconference Hackathon 2016


Weekly roundup April 4 – 10


Politicians doing the right thing? What if this catches on? National Post

Brazil’s Secret History Of Southern Hospitality narratively

Firing People
^ Strictly speaking this is laying people off in Canada since it isn’t for cause, but still an interesting read.