Weekly roundup September 13-19

This was my first week back at work after my 19 weeks of parental leave. It was a pretty good week getting back into the swing of things.


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Weekly roundup September 6-12


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2021 Bike Ride 17

Doris came on a bike ride (her first since before she was pregnant!). We went up Berri to Parc La Fontaine and then up through the Plateau before getting italian sandwiches for lunch and Kem Coba soft serve.

Total trip distance: 15.93 km

Moving time: 1h 20m

Today’s ride:

2021 Ride 17 - Zoomed In

Today’s ride in the context of all my Montreal rides:

2021 Ride 17

2021 Bike Ride 16

My sisters sent me a lovely Cleverhood poncho for my birthday and it was raining this afternoon so I jumped on my bike to test it out. It was great and I finished the ride dry. I can’t wait to have the poncho when I need to be outside in the rain.

Total trip distance: 8.95 km

Moving time: 0h 35m

Today’s ride:

2021 Ride 16 - Zoomed In

Today’s ride in the context of all my Montreal rides:

2021 Ride 16

Weekly roundup August 30 - September 5


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2021 Bike Ride 15

Leisurely ride up Berri and St. Denis then along the railway tracks toward Parc Maisonneuve. A beautiful day at 20 degrees and sunny.

Total trip distance: 27.79 km

Moving time: 1h 35m

Today’s ride:

2021 Ride 15 - Zoomed In

Today’s ride in the context of all my Montreal rides:

2021 Ride 15

Weekly roundup August 16-29

Last weekend, we took a long weekend in Toronto so that the baby could meet her great grandmother, to see some friends and get some different air. It was a success on all fronts but we did need to get rapid tests to visit my grandmother since we had been out of the province. I accept the need for testing but it is a bit strange that you can drive 5 hours from another province and need to be tested but from 5 hours away in the same province you don’t.


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