2019 Bike Ride 6

I went to visit my friend out in Lachine tonight and we rode around town. It was a nice ride with the slightly cooler temperature. I even had to put a sweater on for the trip home.

Total trip distance: 34.25 km

2019 Ride 6

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2019 Bike Ride 5

I got up at a reasonable hour this morning and headed out to see what happened if I crossed to the south shore. First, a bit of exploration of Parc Jean-Drapeau and then had to wait for a couple ships to pass under a lift bridge. By the time the bridge was lowered there were ~20 cyclists on my side waiting to cross and 60+ on the other side. A very popular activity for the beautiful day.

My ride continued out to Longueuil and then back across Pont Jacques-Cartier before ducking down to the Old Port on my way home.

Total trip distance: 29.92 km

2019 Ride 5

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Long weekend so double tweets.

2019 Bike Ride 4

Today, I took the opportunity to use free Bixi Sunday. I went up to the Plateau and enjoyed the fast ride downhill to get home.

Total trip distance: 7.37 km

2019 Ride 4

2019 Bike Ride 3

I had to find a new way to record my bike trips since the Toronto Cycling app is no longer available and, well, I’m in a new city. So this is a test using STRAVA exported GPX files.

I missed my first two rides of this year. Number 1 was the last Sunday of May when the Bixi bikes are free. Number 2 was a bike tour of the Plateau/Mile-end led by one of my colleagues from the offie.

On an early Saturday morning, I got out for a ride along the Lachine canal all the way out to Lachine. The early morning meant many spandex clad riders on bikes 3x and 4x more than my single-speed. I could easily make this a regular ride.

Total trip distance: 31.65 km

2019 Ride 3

Obviously, this does not work with the old Toronto rides on it. 2019 Ride 3 with Toronto map too