2024 Bike Ride 02

Costco trip partly using the new bike path that runs along the REM for one block then ends abruptly with no connection to any other bike path. The nearest bike path to the end is 500 m further down Wellington past the container yard where trucks enter/exit constantly Monday to Friday.

Total trip distance: 3.84 km

Moving time: 0h15m

Today’s ride:

2024 Ride 02 - Zoomed In

Today’s ride in the context of all my Montreal rides:

2024 Ride 02

2024 Bike Ride 01

Getting out for the first ride a few weeks after I had planned to. It was a nice enough day, but quite windy near the Lachine canal. We stopped at a playground, scoped out where soccer will be and visited two libraries.

Total trip distance: 16.35 km

Moving time: 1h20m

Today’s ride:

2024 Ride 01 - Zoomed In

Today’s ride in the context of all my Montreal rides:

2024 Ride 01

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