Transit Use 2022

A bit of a later post on last year’s transit, but better late than never.

My transit started to rebound in 2022, but I also started biking more often. The tradition of reporting since 2014 continues. I counted “unofficial” transfers on the STM as two rides. I took 45 rides in 2022. My rides were paid for using: Presto (4) and OPUS (41).

Agency Fare Media Total Rides Total Cost
STL OPUS 1 4.50
STM OPUS 40 173.45
TTC Presto 4 12.80

Rides by Day of Week

I took more work transit rides in 2022 with some projects restarting at the airport. We took a trip to Toronto in June, and went to friends’ for dinner in Laval.

Rides by Month

Year over year

Weekday riding continues to be low (other than in 2017 when I was seconded to the airport for the summer). Historically, I stopped going to axe throwing league on Sundays from September 2018 so no longer have higher riding on that day.

Year-over-year Rides by Day of Week and Month

Coming out of the pandemic slowly increased my transit use, but biking on my new cargo bike picked up more of the further away trips.

Agency Year Cost Rides Work_Rides
GO 2018 20.62 2 0
MBTA 2020 3.20 2 0
MiWay 2018 15.00 5 5
OC Transpo 2019 3.55 1 0
STL 2022 4.50 1 0
STM 2019 221.60 79 10
STM 2020 21.60 8 5
STM 2021 32.80 13 0
STM 2022 173.45 40 6
TTC 2014 379.70 206 3
TTC 2015 369.30 175 3
TTC 2016 349.68 161 2
TTC 2017 695.92 261 100
TTC 2018 628.50 234 31
TTC 2019 297.20 112 5
TTC 2020 3.10 2 0
TTC 2021 6.40 2 0
TTC 2022 12.80 4 0
UPX 2018 56.29 7 7
UPX 2019 18.50 2 1

Weekly roundup May 29-June 4


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2023 Bike Ride 04

Midday ride to get some random house supplies at the hardware store and delicious tacos for lunch at Tacos Victor. Not quite as windy as yesterday, but still pretty strong gusts.

Total trip distance: 8.32 km

Moving time: 0h 42m

Today’s ride:

2023 Ride 04 - Zoomed In

Today’s ride in the context of all my Montreal rides:

2023 Ride 04

2023 Bike Ride 03

We took a morning ride yesterday over to Verdun to find a playground or two. We also got blown around by the strong wind, flew a kite and ate a delicious lunch at Lido Cafe (Wellington / 3e avenue).

Total trip distance: 21.41 km

Moving time: 1h 43m

Today’s ride:

2023 Ride 03 - Zoomed In

Today’s ride in the context of all my Montreal rides:

2023 Ride 03

Weekly roundup May 22-28


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Weekly roundup May 1-21

It has been a busy month so far. I spent the first week of May in Toronto for work at a PMP boot camp, but this let me enjoy some of my favourite restaurants that still exist (Tofu Village, Wvrst, Salad King) and spend the weekend with friends. The next week and a bit I spent all my evenings studying for the PMP exam, which I passed on Thursday this week. I am so happy it is done and I can go back to having too much to do on all my projects.

Last Saturday, I celebrated being at Arup for 10 years.


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2023 Bike Ride 02

Relatively quick ride up St-Laurent to have patio beers with a friend.

Total trip distance: 7.70 km

Moving time: 0h 37m

Today’s ride:

2023 Ride 02 - Zoomed In

Today’s ride in the context of all my Montreal rides:

2023 Ride 02