Weekly roundup August 3-9


Canada treats beer and wine as destructive acids to be taxed to death — unless they were made nearby National Post

WE Charity: la firme National aurait géré le programme de bourses au Québec La Presse

^ So WE was the only organization with the capacity across the country to deliver this poorly thought out program except also they couldn’t deliver it in French so had to sub that out. Having to sub out part of the work isn’t the issue, it is the crumbling idea that WE were best placed everywhere. I suspect they didn’t have the network to deliver in the territories either, but those areas are outside the thin band where the majority live so…??

Why are our leaders so stupid? The Line


2020 Bike Ride 23

Quick errand ride to pick up some things for dinner (bread and Lufa Farms order). Busy bike paths at 5:30 pm.

Total trip distance: 6.62 km

Moving time: 0h 26m

2020 Ride 23

Trying out a new zoomed in image to make it easier to see where I have covered new ground.

2020 Ride 23 - Zoomed In

2020 Bike Ride 22

A bit of work riding up to Parc La Fontaine to meet up with some officemates for park beers. It was a lovely evening and then I enjoyed the easy ride home. Downhill most of the way.

Total trip distance: 13.85 km

Moving time: 0h 58m

2020 Ride 22

Weekly roundup July 27 - August 2


Quieter Revolution Maisonneuve

A Baltimore oriole was my gateway to birding. I’ll never need another hobby. Maclean’s

The Nova Scotia inquiry: Maybe next time, listen first Maclean’s


2020 Bike Ride 21

edit: oops this one is ride 21. I forgot to put up my ride from Tuesday

Afternoon ride after a tense morning where my company was letting go of a lot of staff but luckily I was not one of them. I went for a ride west from my place and ended up in Verdun when my back wheel decided the nut holding it in place was not tight enough and it should move thereby putting the tire right against the frame. It wouldn’t turn anymore. I had to walk it to the nearest bike show where they do not do repairs without an appointment (not useful and really fits the snooty bike shop persona).

Again lucky for me there were bike repair tools in the park across the street. I loosened my wheel and realigned it just before the bike fell off the stand taking a bunch of my index finger skin with it. I finished the repair, washed my bloody finger down with my water bottle and continued on my ride. I stopped at the hardware store for screws to fix my dishwasher and the beer shop to pick up an order.

Overall, I felt like it was a good ride despite the bike repair and the finger damage.

Total trip distance: 17.11 km

Moving time: 1h 12m

2020 Ride 21

2020 Bike Ride 20

Just an after work ride along the Lachine canal and back. Out on the south side and back on the north.

Total trip distance: 8.83 km

Moving time: 0h 28m

2020 Ride 20

Weekly roundup July 20-26


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