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2020 Bike Ride 16

Sunday morning ride along Wellington through the series of parks along the Saint Lawrence starting at Parc Arthur-Therrien to LaSalle. Then up through the neighbourhood to the Canal de l’Aqueduc and up rue Lapierre to Saint-Patrick. This took me back to the Lachine Canal that I cannot seem to avoid riding along these days. I did go across a closed bridge where they have put in a traffic circle for the multi-use path which should be good for the junction.

Total trip distance: 19.68 km

Moving time: 1h 04m

2020 Ride 16

2020 Bike Ride 15

Saturday morning ride to explore some new streets. After passing a spandex clad cyclist on the way up the hill on Atwater with my single-speed, I ended up following the Maisonneuve cycle track to Devil’s Hill then went down to Ville Saint-Pierre before taking the series of detours that is the Lachine Canal path.

Total trip distance: 21.80 km

Moving time: 1h 15m

2020 Ride 15

2020 Bike Ride 14

Wednesday evening break from work before dinner. Down through Verdun and back through Côte-Saint-Paul.

Total trip distance: 13.61 km

Moving time: 0h 48m

2020 Ride 14

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