2024 Bike Ride 18

Tuesday night soccer with the child. Despite leaving the office on time, I still had to race over to arrive at soccer on time. Grandma watched with me, but didn’t ride a bike.

Total trip distance: 11.94 km

Moving time: 0h41m

Today’s ride:

2024 Ride 18

2024 Bike Ride 17

Just a Saturday Costco trip. I may have overloaded my front basket this time.

Total trip distance: 4.11 km

Moving time: 0h17m

Today’s ride:

2024 Ride 17

2024 Bike Ride 16

Tuesday night soccer with the child. I had to race there to arrive on time, so I really do need to leave the office by 4:30 pm from now on.

Total trip distance: 11.81 km

Moving time: 0h42m

Today’s ride:

2024 Ride 16

2024 Bike Ride 15

Tour de l’île today, so we got up and rode up to Park/Pins for the start. The ride took us up Park through Outremont, along the edge of NDG, through Westmount briefly before heading over to Parc Angrignon, followed by the edge of Lachine, through LaSalle and ultimately up Berri to Parc Jeanne-Mance. There were 18000 people participating in the ride so everywhere we went we had 50 of our new friends around us. It was a good ride. We all had to walk our bikes down Landsdowne because it was a bit steep for such a large group to handle at the same time.

We rode on a lot of roads where I haven’t been outside the bike lane much before. I also hadn’t passed behind Mont-Royal so far south. All my previous rides behind Mont-Royal took me way up to the top of the island or in Laval. There was another new section near Parc Angrignon going back up toward the Lachine Canal.

Total trip distance: 58.03 km

Moving time: 3h57m

Today’s ride:

2024 Ride 15

2024 Bike Ride 14

Costco run because Sunday is reserved for a much longer bike ride and the roads around Costco will not be easily passable.

Total trip distance: 4.18 km

Moving time: 0h19m

Today’s ride:

2024 Ride 14 - Zoomed In

Today’s ride in the context of all my Montreal rides:

2024 Ride 14

2024 Bike Ride 13

A bit of logistics riding today on Doris’s e-bike after dropping the child off at the circus and later returning a book to the library. The e-bike is a Trek FX+ 2 and it rides really nicely. For the first few kilometers, I did not even have the pedal assist on. It is significantly lighter than my Kombi, which is not surprising.

Total trip distance: 6.8 km

Moving time: 0h23m

Today’s ride:

2024 Ride 13 - Zoomed In

Today’s ride in the context of all my Montreal rides:

2024 Ride 13

2024 Bike Ride 12

The first of many Tuesday soccer nights.

Total trip distance: 12.0 km

Moving time: 0h43m

Today’s ride:

2024 Ride 12 - Zoomed In

Today’s ride in the context of all my Montreal rides:

2024 Ride 12