The last few days of work have been interesting to say the least. My crew has been painting on the other side of the city and it has not been fun. I mean it has been amusing (but only because we find it so ridiculous). The one painter estimates like somebody I know. Yea... the rock stucco house will be done tomorrow. ([deli] works on it for 25 more hours to do "touch-ups"). So there really isn't anyway we will finish tomorrow because Toque can't paint at all he paints so slowly. Cate and I painted 3.5/4 sides of the siding while he painted two 1.5 foot tall bars that go around the house.

Maybe i will think about better things now. Like in 28 days I will be away and almost starting school. I think i like going to school because then it seems like even when you waste your time (instead of studying) it seems like something is getting done. So much to find so little time, (not really).

Oh i got my scanner to work so i have been able to scan my photos at slow speed instead of practically stopped speed. I really don't like the driver setup of XP it is so aggravating. Soon I will get a happy new eMac and things will all be good. Oh i guess i should get going, since i do have to work tomorrow bright and early.

Temperature 33 degrees Celcius today in this dry city.