Painting it blue

Finally that house is done, at least the part I was working on. I guess today wasn't as bad as we thought it would be. I'm getting tired of people saying how they have been working all summer and don't want to anymore. Why don't they just quit working? I guess they need the money for school or whatever and need to keep doing it, but I always find it easier to do a job if I pretend i still want to be there.

Oh well, i'm so glad i finally get a day to sleep in. I know getting up at 630 isn't that early to some people but i just find it annoying to get up at that time everyday. It's funny though when I start work earlier I really want to go home after like 6 or 7 hours but when i start later (even not that late at 9) I don't really care even if i am still there at 7pm.

Wow, my life revolves around observing things about work.

Funny story i dropped my wallet in to a half full paint can today. that was fun. Now, the outside of my wallet is partially blue and a bit of the inside. but surprisingly i didn't get any paint on the contents of my wallet. Cate thought it was quite funny that i sudenly dropped my wallet and it ended up in my paint can. I guess it is a bit funny.