Today was quite intersting, at least so far. After spending a couple hours destroying old cabinets in my back yard I decided that I would clean/wash the eaves troughs on my garage. That was fun. It made up for not spending my day on the roof of some place painting. That was all before it became annoying to be outside, on account of all the smoke.

I think it's great that every 30 seconds the news people have to say that the blackout is not terrorism. Why is that everybody think that anything that happens must be terrorists? I can just imagine it now, a bunch of shady looking individuals sitting around a table. One of them says, "Hey let's make everybody walk home form work. All we have to do is shut off all the power." Oh well people will continue to think of everything as a "terror attack." Isn't any attack a "terror attack"?

Oh well hopefully they get their power back.