That was a fairly uneventful day. I didn't get to work because the client fell off the face of the planet, but i would say that wasn't so bad. I managed to read most of my book.

I went to a party tonight. I never go to parties because well I honestly think they are boring and I am used to small parties which are not very private. I have found that big parties allow for much more privacy. Anyway I saw a bunch of people from high school, which was interesting to say the least. I saw Dietrie for the first time pretty much since high school, that was cool.

In other news, I got my timetable confirmation from the University up in Edmonton. Which is excellent since that means I really get to go to classes once I am there. (btw 11 days)

I don't have much more to say tonight. (like i ever really do)

State: Chillaxing

Song: Superchic[k] - Song 4 Tricia