In Edmonton

Alright so I may not have posted in a couple days... err... weeks. Well I have internet at my new place in Edmonton. Things are going quite well here. We had a house warming party on Friday and there were tons of people here. Of course I hardly knew any of them but that didn't matter.

I am taking some cool classes this semester and so stupid ones. First let's go for the good. I am taking French, which is a fun class, and slowly but surely I am remembering all my French from back in the day. I am also taking a Linguistics 509 which is a course of Syntax. It's kind of neat. We have a 3 hour seminar each week and we discuss an article or two on a specific Syntactic subject. Hopefully in this week's seminar I will say something of value. My third good class is Typology, which is the classification of languages using different properties of the languages.

Then I have bad classes which aren't that bad considering. I have to take English all year. Which is only bad because we are analyzing stories and that was never my favorite because I often missed the important point and noticed the 'unimportant' other point(s). The other stupid class is history. The subject matter is interesting, the problem with the class is that it is a 100 level class and thus is taught like one.

I guess I should get to bed since I have class in a handful of hours and don't want to be tired tomorrow.

State: Lost.