"Escape from pile o work"

That was a crazy weekend. It wasn't crazy like hey ya party party. No no this was a oh my goodness I'm going to die I have so much to do and can't think of what to do first. I made it through. It wasn't as bad as I thought.

I even wrote an English essay that I am impressed with. I actually sat down and thought about it, and then I wrote it and reviewed it and edited. Those of you who don't know that isn't what I would normally do. I would normally go oh an English essay, and sit down write something and then hand it in no looking it over, no doing anything to it.

Anyway, I think things turned out ok after all my thinking I wouldn't finish everything. Mind you I still have Typology to read and study, but I don't have Tuesday classes so I have some time. Unfortunatly the prof is going to change the exam from last year even though he has kept it the same for like 5 years. Ah well.

In other news, all the people I meet seem to be from Calgary, which kind of defeats a bit of going away. There is an explanation though. You see the people from Edmonton and Area aren't, for the most part, interested in meeting that many people, but people from out of town are interested in meeting people because they don't know very many. Anyway so I imagine that I will continue to meet people from Calgary and I will continue to be unimpressed.

I have started listening to Hip Hop much more than before and I am really liking some of it. (Can somebody be in the process of liking something or is that no possible?) I quite like the new Outkast CDs. It's a double release one disc is more rappy and the other is more R&B-y. It's pretty cool. Of course I only have trouble listening to music because I listen to like 30 seconds of a song and change it because I don't feel like listening to the rest of the song.

For all of you who care, I still haven't found a girl but I'm sure eventually there will be one. Maybe sooner than I think.

Ok so at my Thanksgiving dinner at my mum's somebody threatened to send turkey to me in the mail if I wasn't nicer to them and today that threat came true. On the bright side the turkey was made of chocolate so it was still good after being in the mail.

Song: Hey Ya! by Outkast

Lost in a sea of people

People who are in a sea

A sea of lost people