Hello? Is anybody there?

I don't think anybody is reading this. So, I guess it doesn't matter what I write.

Let me get right down to it. People think that eventually I will move away to be a rich engineer or a lawyer or something rich like that. So they will tolerate until i happen to disappear and they can lose my number and e-mail in one fell swoop and be done with me. It's convenient, but what happens if I don't leave? Then there is the problem. How to solve it? Well that's easy leave. Then I can be lost in reverse (i know it makes sense i wrote it).

Well that's better I suppose I just had to say that.

In other better news, I am going to learn to use the mouse with my left-hand. Now i'm sure all you reading (or just me doesn't matter which) are wondering why don't you already? Or maybe why would you? Being left-handed it might make sense, but many of you may not have noticed. I'm told people don't notice that kind of thing. I guess it's odd that I know how many lefties there are in my history class.

Song: California by Phantom Planet and Shut Up! by the Black Eyed Peas

State: Thinking myself out of everything (damn I'm good. Darn thinking)