Upcoming history exam

I feel I need to write more. I don't know what I need to write but know writing is necessary.

Tomorrow. Let's see well I guess I will determine what I will accomplish this weekend. Keeping in mind that I do have a history thing due on Wednesday. And that the end of the month will be upon me faster than I can imagine. I have to do a presentation. I don't know if I can really handle that. I hate standing in front of people and talking. I know it doesn't really make sense. Any of you who have been in classes with me know that I usually talk in classes (as well as answer some questions). I have found that I don't like speaking up anymore. I often know what I want to say, but i just don't say anything. My teachers always wondered why I didn't like presentations. They were always like but you answer questions so why then can't you talk up there. The only difference is that you are in front of the class instead of behind.

Maybe that's the problem: I don't want people to see me. It could make sense, lots of people don't like speaking in public. Could it be that I hardly ever talk. Now, I hardly ever talk because I don't think people are listening, so why use my energy. I know that sounds silly, but you know how I am. I guess I have no clue what the real problem is, and I may not find out.

I was thinking, with nudging from others, that I should take the LSAT. The only thing I don't like about that is that Law School is so expensive relative to other things. Though that could be a viable career path. I could work for something great.

I'll just have to see. I think I should get ready to actually go to bed since i have a french quiz in the morning, and of course The Daily Show.