Better than expected

As it turns out, I am doing much better in my classes than I had thought I was before the final drop date. Of course, I got a large bit of work back today, which is the next day of classes after the drop date. Isn't that always how it works. At least it was all good news.

So I had quite a good weekend. Somebody came up to visit me, and I couldn't think of lots of fun things to do that didn't invovle long periods of walking in the cold, but oh well it was fun anyhow.

I wrote a history paper yesterday and this planning then writing idea is great. My question is why didn't anybody tell me sooner? Sure you will say that you've been telling me forever, and I just ignored it. It doesn't matter because I have the idea now and use it. (I wonder if I need to reference that idea. If I do then who to? Oh well!) Things are so much easier to write when I have a plan.

Anyway, I guess I should stop talking about this rather inconsequential revelation and talk about something more important. I am not sure what is more important though. I got some photos back today. They don't look too bad. There are a couple cool ones.

There isn't much more to write for tonight, but I guess I have a song tonight. It is 'Til I Get Over You by Michelle Branch. I'm not sure why though. It is an interesting song, but it doesn't seem to match my mood. If you couldn't tell I'm in quite a good mood. It could be better one little element.

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