Finished English

Done and done. I have finished my English essay. I really finished writing it last night but there were a few edits that I needed to do. I also finished all of my typology assignement that I had data for. So those are two good things. Unfortunatly, since the due date of my history paper was moved I didn't finish it today. When I say I didn't finish I really mean that it isn't started yet. I have thought about it but am still unsure of what I want to write about. I wanted it to be out of the way by now so that I could write the rest of my Swahili paper on Tuesday, then have almost a week to refine it. It doesn't look like that is going to happen now.

No matter. I had a good time last night I went to Tim Horton's with Lisa then we watched the end of the hockey game. And for some odd reason Lisa wanted to write with her left-hand. Oh well. It was funny if nothing else.

So my week of work has completed and I don't think I will do it again. I think from now on (starting next semester) I am going to start things close to when I get them. And I really think that I mean this, this time.

I have decided that contact solution is too expensive. Considering that it is essentially salt water, but whatever. I'll survive.

Song: Hanginaround by Counting Crows

Mood: hard to say, it could be good, but it might be bad