Papers return

Another day done, another paper returned. A– of course my success makes other people unpleasant but oh well. It isn't my problem what they think about me.

Wouldn't it be nice if one could actually think that. Of course what they think will bother me. Because we live in a society where what others think is often more important that what we think. Anyway...

I should write that history paper tomorrow. Since it is due on wednesday. I want my printer which would save me 44 cents printing off my history paper in the library, oh well. As long as I get it intime to print off my Swahili paper I will be happy.

Wow! Short disconnected paragraphs.

So, I have been reading Potter #5 and I am enjoying it. It is quite good. Anyway, that's enough for right now.

Song: The Way by Dana Glover

State: inept