Marks trickle in

Well I haven't written much worth reading since I came home. So today I will. Sort of.

I got my first two marks back. Two A- in my syntax and typology classes. This is great news because I need a B+ average in my linguistics classes. Oh and I got IP in English presumably that has something to do with it being a full year course and it isn't some new grade that is less than F.

Anyway I keep getting home very late then I get woken up at like 9 because my mum needs me to run errands. So I'm getting more tired everyday of my holiday. (Yeah that makes sense!) I think I will get to my work for the day. Gas the car and wash it if it actually gets to 5 degrees (though I will settle for 2).

State: Getting tired.

Song: The Way You Move by OutKast (I have a sub here so it sounds good)