Almost the start of a new semester, and I am kind of wishing it wasn't and am also glad it is. One thing I'm not happy about is having to go buy books. Don't get me wrong I like books, just not textbooks. Standing in lines too. Not only do I have to spend money on books I only read 2/3 of, but I have to wait to pay the exorbitant prices.

A new semester is great because I get to take new classes with new profs, well sorta. I have three profs that are the same as before but for different classes so we will see if that works out. New people are good too. Of course that only works out if I were to go and meet people, but I don't really because actually I don't really know why I don't. Maybe I should start.

I guess this is my longest post in a while, and that is mostly because for my whole break (in Calgary) I got home before 1.30 about 3 times. I didn't feel compelled to post during the days.

I have more to write but don't think I will write it now.

Song: The Way by Dana Glover

State: Alone.