First of the new

So here I am. Done my first day of the new semester and I don't know I hope I can still take my semantics class because that would be good. Otherwise I have to figure out what I should take. And I am really tired of working with the silly registration system. (I'm not really complaining because I know that UofC has a much more annoying system, in some respects. e.g. Operating hours, and being a pain to login. UofA has a new system where the whole page refreshes everytime, even though it appears to me that it is indeed frames, but I'm not judging their programming abilities.)

So classes were good and now I am trying to remember things from Spanish because I have to write ten sentences describing me for class tomorrow. I am half done so I'm more taking a break than procrastinating.

People are odd and seem to ignore things that are quite important while they dwell on the most insignificant things, but that is not what I want to talk about because then it might be an essay of sorts. That just seems like a bad use of my time.

Song: More Than This by [insert name here] and Brass In Pocket by The Pretenders

State: Happy to be started and annoyed to have to do work