A new day a new fishful of dollars. So today I dropped my Semantics class after a disagreement with the prof. She believed that I needed to have taken LING 308 and 309, but the calendar said that I only need 309. I only have credit for 309. I asked the Undergrad advisor and he said I was right but the Prof insisted she was right so I dropped it. Instead of that class I am taking Neurolinguistics, which has been much more interesting.

On a positive note I know at least one person in all my classes. What else is good today... I dunno. Not much. I bought two more textbooks and have spent $280 and I still have one more to buy. I guess that I how it goes for university texts.

I have found that I remember a bunch of Spanish which is great because otherwise I might be screwed. Although apparently I need to get learn past tense I should really do that. Oh well.

Song: Let It Be by The Beatles

State: Thinking of cleaning my desk. It is already covered in books and papers.