Today was hardly productive. I did finish reading "Things Fall Apart." It was quite a good book, unfortunately I am going to have to analyze it for my English class. I think it might ruin my view of the book.

I went off to the bookstore today. It was an interesting walk on the account that it was raining, but at the same time it was below zero. It was very slippery. There was a nice layer of ice on everything horizontal or almost horizontal. I returned a book that I wasn't going to use. I decided I would get it in the library.

I also bought "Life of Pi" so I can finally read that. Maybe I should go read it. Anyway I was flipping channels and I found the real British version of Coupling. It is way better than the crappy American version. It is actually funny.

Song: Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps

State: Alone again maybe somebody should fix that...