Long time to History

Finally!! My history grade was posted today only 4.5 weeks after the final exam. The efficiency of these universities continues to amaze and confound me. Oh well for all purposes I got my lowest GPA ever last semester but it was over only 4 classes. 3.3 (3.28 but I accidentally rounded up). I know some of you will think why is he complaining, and I am mostly because I have done more work since I have been at the U of A than I did most of my first year of Engineering and I am not doing quite as well. I am doing great where it counts, in my Linguistics classes. It is just the other classes that are causing problems. I know boohoo. Anyway I guess I just will do better this semester to make give me a higher overall GPA.

I guess since everybody else is going to tell you what courses they are taking I will too.

'Neurolinguistics' Basically how language is represented in the brain as determined from data gathered from patients aphasia. (The work has been done, I will not be gathering data.)

'Morphology' The study of the internal structure of words and how words are related to one another in the lexicon. (I have to take this one, I will just have to make the best of it.)

'Sociolinguistics' Discussion of the use of language in various social settings. (This might be interesting.)

'Spanish' The second intro class. (This is mostly for fun, but it will come in handy one day.)

'English' Analysis of literature with 30% writing instruction content. (It looks like a new product ad. Now with 30% writing instruction on a neon box. I have to take this too.)

'Endangered Languages' Discussion of language vitality around the world and steps being taken to slow language loss. (The most interesting class of them all. This could be quite useful, and might even lead to what I do for my honours project.)

That is all for now. I think I will continue with my reading of "Life of Pi".

Songs: A. Copland - A Copland Celebration Vol. 1 Disc 1

State: Relieved that I got my grade finally.