Early to bed, something something

Another day, and you know. Let's see... Today was pretty good. I went to bed really early last night (10.30). I was completely exhausted and I didn't know why. I was better this morning. Unfortunately it was Wednesday and I get to walk very quickly across campus between sociolinguistics and Spanish.

And this is really boring when I look back at it and read it. I'm sorry about that I guess I am just not interesting. I don't think I can say what I want to say on here because then all people will know all things and then who is going to get mad at me for being left in the dark. That would just take the fun out of my life.

Anyway the girl across that class with the smile. She's the one that I want to talk to. I noticed her before, but for some reason I would talk to her now. (I'm so mean to you, you know who you are. Amusing. Maybe I will tell you.)

It makes me happy to see somebody smile at me. (So what if I am sad and pathetic.)

Song: Einstein on the Beach by Counting Crows

State: Happy for a silly reason