Today was another day (I don't like to state the obvious, but that isn't really what I mean). I made it to class despite my cynicism of last night. Unfortunately, my first class ended half way through because the prof had to supervise an exam, but it wasn't too bad. Sociolinguistics is an sort of interesting class, but I really don't think that it is an area of potential work.

Presently I am procrastinating. I got home today to realize that I was a week behind in Neurolinguistics. I was supposed to learn the parts of the brain last week, and I may not have done that. I'm about half done then I have reading from the book too.

This was actually going to be a post to complain that nobody has been posting. Though I am not sure how much me saying so will inspire others to do so. Maybe y'all don't have anything new to say. I'm sure I have lots of things to say that I'm not. I suppose I should get back to the brain.

Song: Romeo and Juliet & Save Tonight both sung by the Brown Derbies

State: Bit busy, darn you brain