Don't express much

Alright so I have spent a while talking to Lisa about this not expressing myself thing. I think I have found some inspiration to express myself.

It may seem that I am indecisive on certain subjects, and I'm sure we all have some thing that we just won't decide. Deciding what others are to do is not high on my list of things to do. Also, pushing people to do something they don't seem to want to do isn't up there either. Just because I don't seem extremely ecstatic doesn't mean I don't want some company up in the cold land of here.

I don't express things to people, what grand and insignificant news. Everybody I have met in the history of meeting people has figured this out and fast. What I can do is pretend to be funny or be sarcastic. This may not count as expression but it is pretty good for me. With every person that I get to know I let more out, and maybe I am just waiting to find that person who will know me. Eventually I will have to reveal myself to somebody.

And who is away? True it is my choice to be here, but why? I know why I am here, but do you understand why?

I guess this is the end of that half-rant. I'm sure it will bother more than a few people but I think that was the point. I had to get my frustration out, and tell at least part of 'how it is.'


On a different topic completely why do I always meet lots of people with the same name? Last year I met lots of Erins, and I know lots of Lindsays. I guess those were the trendy names at the time. Which kinda makes me happy to have an odd name, but you know sometimes one just wants to be mistaken for somebody else.

Song: Psalm for Elks Lodge Last Call by The Weakerthans

State: Less annoyed, almost ready to head off to bed.