Pants, no pants

When you are sitting in a theater and the announcer says that the next thing will be "Pants, No Pants" what are you to think? Well, you start by saying what the heck does no pants mean? Then it starts and the first time the announcer says "No Pants" you know what it means. That was among the funniest skits of the night.

This brings me to my next point, my throat and ribs hurt. That was the funniest evening I have had in a long time. I now know what my mum and sister were talking about when they said that I should go see Theater Sports. I never went then, but damn it is funny.

Anyway, now that I have hurt myself laughing I will be going to bed so that I can function tomorrow and possibly get my project finished. Why does the country have 22 languages? All of which I should talk about and figure out how viable they are.

Song: I Should Tell You & Carrying the Banner
State: hurting but excellent (almost excellent)