No naps

Why can't I nap? I went to bed at 2 PM to have a nap and woke up (though I don't think I was ever really a sleep) at 2.45. It is quite annoying since I am tired from staying up late last night. I'm not complaining about staying up late though because I was having a good time.

Now, I will move on to something more important that my inability to nap... I find that if I think about what I want to say before speaking that I never say anything at all. This isn't because I don't have anything nice to say, but it seems to because I don't want to say something when I don't know how it will be reacted to. Of course as many of you know this does not always stop me from saying anything, but I think it does when it actually matters to me.

This also makes me wonder why I even have this blog... I'm sure you have noticed that it is written in the same way that I talk. It is more often than not cryptic, and rarely do I say anything in a concise fashion. I will just say what I am thinking now. I am pretty sure that I don't say anything because I don't actually want anybody to know anything about me. If they don't know anything then they can't bother me with what they say. Although this doesn't explain the few people that actually know what I am talking about 90% of the time. (True, these people have changed over that last year, but there are still a few that I tell things to.)

Let's have an example of this situation. If I were writing about my weekend I would say something like:

"I had a great time. We watched a game of lacrosse, made waffles. Waffles were a pain to make since I couldn't use the microwave to melt my margarine, but obviously I survived. We played some card games, and it was a good night."

Now, you may look at that and say ok well there isn't anything wrong with what is written, and you would be right there isn't actually anything wrong with it. Except that there is more than one person in the story and for some reason I do not specify. I have no clue why I don't specify, maybe because if I do then I have to explain who the people are.

I'm sure somebody will notice something inaccurate about what I said and they can speak up if they wish...

Song: She's Only Happy in the Sun & Forever by Ben Harper

State: Tired, but quite happy