Keep it to myself

Today was odd. I was fine this morning, but after my exam I really felt snarky. I was also kind of mean to people. Anyway, I went out for tea with Lisa, and it was pretty good. We were going to go out drinking, but I didn't feel like walking that far since I was in a bad mood.

So yesterday, I was talking to people on MSN, and somebody inspired me to write some things down. It was pretty good, but I guess the problem is that I don't really care to share it with anybody. Sharing it would break the thing I do, where I don't give more information than necessary. It seems to be annoying to people that I do this, but I guess that shouldn't really bother me because it is my job to be me and their job to like me or not for what I am.

I was even going to let the person who inspired me read what I wrote, but now I am apprehensive about letting them(singular) see it. Talking about my life is such an annoyance, and it is not really important that everybody knows much.

Song: Globes and Maps - Something Corporate

State: Snarky, maybe a bad mood