Good midterms

I have had a pretty good day... I had my endangered languages midterm this morning and it wasn't too bad. One of the questions I think I answered a bit vaguely, but overall it wasn't a bad exam. I am still waiting to get my first assignment back in that class.

I actually got a bit of work done during my break today, most likely because I didn't bring my book. And this afternoon I got work done. I finished my Morphology assignment.

I am not looking forward to studying for Neurolinguistics. Well at least not the brain portion. I am not worried about the other parts for that class I understand those. It is just things that apply to the naming of so called language areas in relation to actual parts of the brain.

I am thinking of changing the layout of my page but I haven't quite devised what I want it to look like exactly...

Song: Hurricane by Something Corporate

State: Good, almost ready to study... after I read a book and watch some TV and...