Too much Cranium

Look over there and update. Yea... I know I haven't written this week. It seems really hard to write stuff when I'm at home because I'm always getting home late then I go out as soon as I get up.

So Tuesday night, A bunch of us went over to Melissa's for a dessert pot-luck type thing and we all ate too many desserts. And I somehow managed to get a cupcake with a toothpick in it. Of course that was quite funny as it happened at like 3am. We also played a very long game of Cranium. 3 of the teams were really close at the end. It was a fun night.

Last night, Lisa and I went to Staples because I wanted to buy clicky pens. So we did that then we went down to Kensington and walked around for a bit. Being a Wednesday night not a whole lot was open. We then went to Ricki's and did a bit of Kareokee. I watched them make cookies. Then... Funny story... While playing pool I cut my knuckle open on a duct pipe. (To be fair to the pipe, it wasn't installed yet and was standing on the floor and I knocked it over.) We played Cranium. I know I see a pattern too. (though I don't think I will play it tonight.)

Today, I went to Ricki's to get my vest, which I forgot last night. Then Lisa and I went to Abe to see teachers. Oh and visited Rhoda at the university. It was fun. I walked so much today.

Song(s): Leaving Through the Window CD by Something Corporate

State: Good... Missing Edmonton (well some parts of it)