Ok... here is an update. It will be short because I should go write an essay. (and maybe have a shower and possibly I will need to go to the library.)

So the bus ride up was alright. I ended up having to sit at the very back of the bus with a lady and her baby. I guess it wasn't so bad. I made it from my house in Calgary to here in 4.5 hours. I was quite lucky I walked out of the Greyhound Terminal and saw the Staples that Lisa and I had gone to and I was able to find the #9 bus stop. Instead of having to take the LRT.

Then I typed out my page of my essay that I had written on the bus before I got annoyed with the bumpyness of the bus. Later Heather came over and we watched a movie, Just Married. It was dumb, but I wasn't expecting it to be a deep intellectual movie.

Song: Straw Dog - Something Corporate

State: Good, if I get this essay mostly done