Bad midterms

So the week is over and it wasn't all that great. It had its high points, and then there were all those times I got my midterms back.

I think this has been the worst round of midterms I have had. Though another point is that I have never had more than two midterms in a single week before. (I know blah blah blah... I had it easy and such, but it's true.)

My neuro midterm had a average of 80% which is really high even for a 300-level class. I am not too worried about that class because it is full of girls (and a few guys) who want to be in Speech-path and have taken 4000 classes in which they have covered much of the information. So, I am not very worried about that class because I know what is going on in the class and it isn't very hard to keep up.

My Socio- class is harder to determine because nobody in the class seems to want to be taking it. And I'm not sure what the prof's grading criteria is so I don't know how to convert % to letter.

It's time to move on to another topic because I don't really care that much about tests that are done with. They are just an indicator of what I have taken from the courses so far anyhow.

Now, I think I will talk about how people take what I say too literally often. Honestly, I don't mean lots of the comments I randomly say, but it always seems that they are misinterpreted too often. Why can't people grasp sarcasm or irony? Oh well... I shouldn't let such things bother me.

Song: I'm Wrong About Everything - John Wesley Harding

State: Figuring... As in figuring out what to do later...