Papers and weekends

I haven't really felt like updating. I have been busy or at least I was supposed to be busy. Whether or not I was actually doing the work is another issue. (I have done lots of it now.)

Let's see... I went out for dinner last night and it was really good but we smelled like smoke afterwards since we went to a public house or pub if you will. Monday night I read an act of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, and cleaned up my morphology assignment. Tonight I finished reading the play and read a few essays, but didn't pick one for English. I managed to read a chapter of endangered languages stuff too.

I think I might still be tired from last weekend, but I'm sure that will pass. Perhaps I will go to bed early one day this week... hmm... Not tomorrow, probably not Friday, not Saturday... Maybe Sunday, but that's a long shot. Ok, maybe I won't go to bed early. I will catch up the sleep eventually.

I plan to finish my 399 paper by the time I go to bed Saturday night and to have my initial research done for my Neuro paper by then abouts. And I should have started Spanish and English by that point too... Wow, that is quite a bit, but I can do it all.

This pile of books really is quite large and really should get read before the end of the month... We'll see if that occurs.

Song: Sing for the Moment - Aerosmith

State: Pretty good