More papers

A new day=a new paper. Well Neuro is done. Endangered Languages is done. On to the Socioling and English papers... They could be easier than the last two or they could be harder... Does not really matter. I will just be happy when they are done.

I don't really have much to write... I could complain about the lack of blogging going on around but it's that time of the semester when the profs think it is nice to make term papers due two weeks before the term ends because that would be nice... Except that all profs make them due at this time now. Soon we will just have to hand in our term papers the first day of class and that will be it...

Oh, I went to library today. I like the Arts library... It smells like old books and no wonder like a quarter of the books on the 4th and 5th floors are in Russian and I don't think anybody ever takes them out... Therefore they never get any fresh air. And why isn't the library more humid... That's really annoying. I feel like I'm in a quasi-warm desert in there.

It's amusing to me now that so many people avoid the library for as much of their degree as possible. That just does not make sense to me anymore... Last semester I had about ten books signed out relating to Swahili and this semester I have avoided spending $80 on a textbook by taking it out of the library and renewing it over and over. Though it was not always like this, I did not take any books out of the library until second semester of my second year. That is when I discovered the art of not buying the textbook... It is quite a handy tool, especially for a class that one is not likely to read most of the text anyway.

I don't think I have written this before but it doesn't matter if it gets written again... I have received like 15 e-mails this week which is up from the 1 I have received in the two weeks prior. It's crazy coming home everyday and having 4 e-mails waiting, and none of them being junk mail.

In other e-mail related news... I got an e-mail today from the dept. of linguistics telling me that I was registered in an 400 or 500 level class and that I should change that class if I was registered in 509, 510 or 515, which I'm not... I already took 509 and have credit for 510... So I have no reason to take them, unless I were crazy... But I'm not, contrary to popular belief.

I also noticed that there are only 3 people in my Honours seminar. I'm not sure if I should be worried about this because it might be a combined session with Graduate students. It would not be that bad if it were... However, that might make me not want to participate as much since they supposedly know lots and I do not want anybody to know that I don't know stuff... Even though it is quite apparent that I don't know things everyday.

In conclusion, I wish I could think of witty things to write on this contraption, but alas I can not. Oh well... Perhaps others disagree and think I have accomplished something amusing here...

Song: I Woke Up in a Car - Something Corporate

State: Almost good... If not for those 2 nagging papers