Half kiss

Alright a new post from me... I stayed up late-ish last night (though it doesn't seem that late it was only like 12.45) watching the hockey game and I was disappointed that it didn't just end there. But I guess the next game will be fun to watch too.

So I was thinking the other day about a way of motivating people to do things... though this idea is only really useful to people you are close to and even then it's not that great... You offer half a kiss... then when they finish the task then they get the other half. But you ask what is a half kiss well I have included some horrible picture of me demonstrating. First you have the top half:

Top Kiss

Now of course that is only half, and the other half is the important element in closing the deal:

Bottom Kiss

Now I know what you are thinking... wow isn't that a dumb idea... well if you think so then fine I don't care but don't come crying to me when it works as motivation.

Song: Appalachain Springs by Aaron Copland

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