Spanish in Calgary

I am back... In more than one sense. I am posting again and I am in Calgary. I flew in yesterday morning on a Skyservice plane which was awful. The plane wasn't bad, but it was such a scam I think 3/4 of the people getting on the plane had to pay for excess baggage which was charged at a rate of $7/kg. Which essentially makes your ticket $40+ more than it was originally. The flight itself was not too bad. The movie In the Cut was pretty good until it got to the sappy all movies need a happy ending part.

I also had my first Spanish class last night at the U of C. It was pretty good. It seems like it will last forever because it is 4 hours 2 nights a week but 4 hours (really 3 and a half) doesn't actually take that long.

What else... I don't know really right now.

Song: Mr Blue Sky - Electric Light Orchestra

State: Good but not yet employed

Book: This book Jasmine lent me.