My Very First Title

Posts make the world go round... Or maybe they don't and that would just be creepy but here we go anyhow. Today was a dreary day out, at least for the part that I was out of bed for. I didn't get out of bed until 12.15. (this is ignoring the time i got up at 9 and did some things for my mum before going back to bed.) I worked on my composiciĆ³n for Spanish class which I should really finish tomorrow. Rhoda came on MSN and a few of us went to Market Mall to get me a watch, jumping to the end of the story... I didn't get a watch nor did I look at the computer store. I might have to go back again later and get me a watch.

Moving on to later in the day. Jasmine cooked us up a really good meal tonight. Quiche, potatoes, and rice, very good. She even made the crust for the quiche from scratch. Of course we had some chocolate cake for dessert. We then proceeded to watch an awfully silly movie called Cry Baby with Johnny Depp. I think it was supposed to be a quasi-spoof of Elvis Presely movies. It was kinda less than amazing but the ending was much much better than L'homme sur le train which we watched last night.

I think this is enough for tonight because I am tired and want to get to bed.

Song: New York State of Mind - Billy Joel

State: Tired

Book: Same as below