To work or not to work? I wish it were my choice.

There isn't really a reason why I haven't been posting. It's mostly because nothing that interesting is happening in my life. I wake up. I waste a while with the paper and breakfast then I have a shower and start my day. The day usually involves me reading random things all over the house then either going to class or going to hang out with people. It is just sooo thrilling.

Right, well you might be asking, but Daley don't you have a job? The answer to that is: Yes, I do, but I haven't worked yet and I called them today and they never called me back. I'm just a bit confused... Usually places want you to get trained before they open so that when they do open you know what you are doing. I'm a little worried that they might have found that they had too many people and that I have been let go already, but I really hope not because I don't really want to look for another job.

So that's my interesting life. And people have been asking me all week to plan ahead to do things with them and I just can't since I don't know when I will start working. It could be tomorrow, or Saturday. Maybe Sunday, or Monday... Yea, it would be nice to know. Anyway...

Song: Soda - Gob

State: Annoyed!

Book: I have been reading The Economist but whatever book I was reading the other day isn't finished yet.