Moore and Alberta

The trailer is out and it should be a good movie... Fahrenheit 9/11 trailer.

The second thing I need to write about is the people who write letters to the editor in the Calgary Herald. Two of them today are going on about how Albertans don't believe politicians' promises anymore and that they want good government and "money sent to do good works should not be diverted to good friends." While at the same time keeping Ralph Klein and his good friends in the money and tax breaks. They also talk about how the Liberals won't get voted in in Calgary because we believe all these things. Well that's just stupid.

If we really believed these things then we would have got rid of the Reform/Alliance/Conservative party after Jean Chretien's first term because his government took things away form us then because they had nothing to lose. They got rid of our Army base because they weren't going to lose any seats in Calgary, that they weren't going to lose eventually anyway. We either need representatives that are part of the party in power or we need representatives that are actually going to fight for us rather than just scream "questions" at the governing party.

And finally, I noticed in the Herald that the televised leader's debates won't be including the Green Party leader because they don't have any seats in the House. If this doesn't seem odd to anyone else maybe I'm crazy. (I'm not.) Using this logic anybody sitting as an Independent and trying to get re-elected should get to participate in the leader's debate because they have a seat in the House. But really shouldn't any party that is fielding candidates in say 90% of ridings or have seats in the House be allowed to participate in the debate(s).(If they can effectively participate in the French language debate to more power to them.) Also, this would prevent fringe parties who really are just running to make an isolated or microcosmic point from interfering with "serious" candidates.