Jobs are stupid

Alright well I started my new job at the university today in Materials Management, and it is completely ridiculous. We have to empty out a warehouse of stuff to start with, then we have to move the rest of the stuff that is out there back to main campus where it can be managed more effectively. Now here is the problem that I have with job (ignoring the dust and big red scratches I have on my arm from an unknown source, but it was at day work today because they appeared before I got to Julio's) the warehouse that we are supposed to be emptying are full of useful things which can be used by many people including those at the university. These items include whiteboards of many sizes, doors, sinks and desks. The desks were designed for certain spaces on campus and won't be put back in those places ever again but other people could use them by organizing their space such that the desk fits, but that isn't going to happen because my job is to take all these useful things, along with some actual trash, to the dump. Needless to say I can't do this because I think this is a terrible waste of useful things as well as money, which the university and Harvey are always saying they don't have enough of. My grandma was right when she said that universities should have to open their books to the government if they want more funding. I know universities should be at least partially independent but if they are begging for money (which I do think they should be entitled to) then they should show that their organization is a well streamlined one that doesn't have overlap in services or waste resources on things like new whiteboards when they have some already in storage.

That's enough for tonight. Perhaps tomorrow night I will get to sleep at a reasonable hour and get to sleep in for a while on Wednesday morning, but that is assuming I actually go through with saying that I can't and don't want to do this job all summer.

Side note: I was going to try to go part-time at Julio's and work at the university but I would rather wash dishes full-time. This is a huge turn around for me.

Song: I Believe (When I Fall in Love it Will be Forever) - Stevie Wonder from the High Fidelity Soundtrack. Which is one of my favorite movies... Funny story I have seen it many times and quite a few were with Rhoda who actually doesn't like the movie at all but doesn't remember what it is called and then realizes only once she is watching that it is that movie.

Book: A History of Latin America... I am getting through it now that I have to take the bus again and have time that I don't waste sitting here.