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I guess I haven't written since the movie which isn't that long but seems like a long time ago since I have worked everyday since and still can't believe that it is Sunday and that tomorrow is like my Friday at work since I get Tuesday and Wednesday off.

Today at work I thought that I was going to be sent home at 11 because RP and I had finished our list, but I got to go onto the Line and learn a bit of how to make orders. It was an interesting experience, if I have another day that I finish my list quite early I will ask to try it again, maybe at a different station. Perhaps I will be able to help out when it gets busy or something, that might be cool.

This past week just flew by, it really seems like I voted yesterday, but it was actually a week ago. Oh well, I'm glad it's past because that means I'm closer to the end of summer and Heather coming out, but also it means tomorrow is Pay Day. This really isn't as good as it sounds since I'm not really one to go out and spend lots of money or more than maybe $8 over the course of about a week, but it will put me how ever much closer to not having to work as much during the school year, which really needs a better name since it is not in fact a year and it should be something like the school octet.

mmm.... JalepeƱos...

I think tomorrow night or afternoon I might watch High Fidelity, since I received my DVD on Friday from FutureShop. I also have a few books that I should finish and The Economist to read. It was so expensive that magazine $7.44 and as the magazine deals with current events it is only really valid for two weeks-ish some of it only a week, not that it doesn't become historical after that validity expires.

Drink: Corona Extra

Song: Accidentally in Love - Counting Crows (from the Shrek 2 soundtrack)