Let's see... Well today is my Monday... I have four more days of work before I get my two day break, which is fine because the dress up like a redneck and skip work festival starts tomorrow and there will be lots of work (oh... I mean Stampede). I imagine that I will be working on the line during lunch rushes.

As you may have noticed (and if you didn't you should get your sight checked out), I have changed my layout once again, but this time I like it... The last change wasn't very good and the colours didn't match. I hope this one is more pleasing. Oh if you want me to add a link to your blog/webspace send me an e-mail or contact me in some way...

What else has happened since I last put up a real post. Oh I got a place in Schäffer Hall next year, which isn't what I would've wanted to begin with but it will do as I don't have to spend an hour of my day walking home and to school, though everybody knows I will still walk for a large amount of time even if it isn't necessary. I should get the forms I need to fill out and get those done so I don't lose my spot... Anyway, I doubt that will be happening, losing that is.

I watched High Fidelity and I don't know why I like that movie but I find something in it great, obviously I have no clue what. I could be the music, but I do have the CD already so that might not be it.

Oh I got my mark for Spanish 301 at U of C and it was only a B+. I realize that this is a pretty good mark for a language class, for a language that I have never been immersed in, but I got A– in my other Spanish classes so I was hoping for that in this one too, c'est la vie. What really matters is that with this course I only have 10 courses left and I don't have to take a spring or summer class to graduate. This will come as good news to me but less good news to others. Actually it is only ok news for me because then I have to find something else to do with my time like say get a job, and I have no clue where I can work with a B.A. Honours in Linguistics. I mean I could work for lots of places but it's just getting the job that is the difficult part. Also, some people I know are kind of negative about things I have said I wanted to do or try to do, saying you need this at least or they won't hire you unless you have that, but I guess I will just ignore their negativeness. I know that once I am doing something I enjoy then I become very useful/helpful to the organization or at least my immediate peers/supervisors.

Moving along... I should really go to bed since it is late (relatively speaking) since I have to get up at 6 tomorrow morning. Oh I know what I was going to say... I am going to the Stampede on Tuesday to see the marching band competition with Melissa. Anybody who wishes to join us is welcome to do so.

Song: Til I Hear it From You - Gin Blossoms (From Empire Records)