Competition of Bands

Today was a pretty good day, I went down to the Stampede with a group of people and we watched the afternoon portion of the Competition for Marching Bands. Most of the bands were really cool, though there was one that was a little interesting.

After the band show we walked around the park a bit and went to the Round-up centre and got some mini shammy cloths. Meghan played some games, and we watched the hypnotist, well I sat down and they stood to watch him. We left after walking to the other end of the grounds. Melissa and I had some food at Wendy's on the way home.

I kinda wanted to go see the Casino, but I didn't feel like saying anything, or leading us there when I was walking in front. It's not like it isn't open all the time if I really wanted to go down.

Moving along I was going to post this the other day when I read it but then I didn't feel like posting that night. I think it was Sunday night. I went to have a nap at 7.30-ish that night and didn't wake up until 1.30 am. I then had a shower and went back to bed for 4 hours before I had to go to work. It is a story about postponing the US election in the event of an attack (real or conjured up by the government). It's almost creepy that they would even discuss such a notion. Granted we have such contingencies here in Canada, but ours have been around for a long time and encompass many things: legitimate wars, natural disasters, and other such things. I guess it just seems a bit off that the Executive body is trying to get something in the works and not the Legislative bodies.

I think that's enough for tonight.

Song: Ben Harper's Waiting on an Angel