#160 and NationStates

I have just started playing a game called NationStates, which I randomly found when I clicked some link on a wesite. I think a bunch of people should join me and play the game too... we can all be in the same region. I created a new region for people to join me in it is called Lingwhatics. Once you make your contry follow the FAQ directions of joining a different region and come to mine. Site is NationStates.

Also, I decided the other day that I wanted a new camera bag that I could fit things into like my MD player and such because my current bag is just too small to fit anything but my camera, a roll of film and a lens filter or two. I was also considering getting a zoom lens since I saw some for cheap at random camera stores, but that is a lot of money for me to spend and since I rarely spend it might not happen.

Sound: Sounds from Kolyn watching Donnie Darko.

Book: Same as below