Yesterday was a pretty enjoyable day. Jamie, Rhoda, Meghan, Melissa and I went out to Big Hill Springs Provincial Park for a picnic and a small hike up the main trail there. There was quite a bit of stopping on the way up to take pictures of the creek, hopefully those pictures will turn out... at least some of them. After that, we went to Ghost Resevoir just to pass some time. It was really nice and breezy there.

We went down to the lake side which is down a sort of drop-off from the parking lot level. After standing in the lake for a bit, I was going to climb up to poke Meghan's feet by the route I went up the slippery drop-off didn't work out for poking her foot. I managed to get up but my feet and sandals were really dirty and full of rocks.

I guess I have to continue this later. I have to head off to work. Today is the Salsa Festival and we are hoping to be busy.