More on yesterday and some of today

I'm trying something new... I found out that I couldn't use Safari to use the new text editing and composition features on Blogger. I downloaded Firefox because it works with those features... Maybe this will become what I use to make posts.

Moving along to my story from earlier in the day. The lake was fun and when I got home I called up Lisa and Caitlin because we were doing something. So we ended up going to Karen's to watch 50 First Dates, which wasn't a bad movie. It wasn't amazing either but you know you can't ask for too much from movies these days.

Today was the Sun and Salsa Festival in Kensington and I had to work. We were busy from 11.30 until 5 when I got my break. Then my shift worked on night prep stuff. I did onions... I seem to do them everyday. I guess I do because they don't bother me that much until I am almost done dicing about 4 containers of them (that's about 16L).

I get the next two days off which I nice. I have time to do some odd jobs that I have. Some mowing of a lawn and I should look at some new clothes just because I seem to not have enough shirts and I want a new pair of pants.

I went into Mark's Work Wearhouse the other day looking for pants but I couldn't find the kind I wanted and I remembered a good Mark's I had been in earlier in the summer and couldn't figure out where it was... Later I realised that it was in the Eaton's Centre, but of course not the one here... The on in Toronto. That was annoying to figure out only because it means that I can't go back tomorrow and look for pants at that location.

My bed seems to be calling, so I will end this here.

Sound: For the Longest Time done by Rockapella

Book: I am starting Jennifer Government tomorrow