Bad day and great movie

I saw a movie tonight, it was a little something something called Baadasss! and it was great. It was basically about the making of another film, Sweet Sweetback's Baad Asssss Song. Anyway, it was good. I recommend it to all you who like movies that are worth spending more than the penny you got for your thought.

Earlier in the day I was working and once again I was doing flat top, and unbeknownst to me also the broiler. So late in the afternoon we ran very low on chicken breasts and I'm supposed to have been paying more attention to them. Obviously being the only person who was using chicken, or NOT!, it was all my job, because I was doing 4 stations at that point and one person was doing the main one and calling, then there were two people sharing 3 stations at the other end... So I think I may have had the most work to do. Mostly because our great customers ordered so many fajitas. Heaven knows why they were ordering so many. Probably 40 or so in 4 hours, which isn't that many if it were a night but this was a Saturday afternoon.

One good thing happened at work today. Three of us were sitting in the dry storage room eating while we were on our break and somebody walks by and asks if we are having a meeting and G. say "yep safety meeting nobody works, nobody gets hurt."

Anyway... Only 5 more days of work in a row then I get at least two days off.

Song: Tribute - Tenacious D