Doing a new thing without much guidance

Work was interesting today. J. called in sick so I had to do Line Set... the only problem being that I had never done it before and usually when we are supposed to do someting new, we are trained on how to do it. However, I was really the only person who was at work this morning that could have really done it, since I am the only prep cook that has worked on the line for more than a few lunches. In fact, I am the only person present this morning that has worked all the stations on the line, with success might I add.

Line Set, basically, involves filling the steam table with all the items that belong there and turning all the ovens and grills on. The steam table gets things like refriend beans, rice, various meats, and soups. I was told that I did a good job, but I wasn't really all that impressed that I had to do it in the first place. I hope I don't have to do it tomorrow but having said that I probably will because that's how the world works, or doesn't work.

Last night a bunch of us went over to Melissa's and we watched School of Rock. I quite enjoy that movie. It's so nice to hang out with people and just sort of sit around and chat.

Song: Tiny Dancer as performed by the Foo Fighters on some late night show

Book: well not really a book but I'm catching up on some old (like 3 weeks old) Economist magazines

Heather comes out in 2 days by the time most of you will read this.